Annual workshop of the French-German Doctoral School
12-13 Oct 2017 Paris (France)


The annual workshop of the French-German doctoral school Living Fluids will take place in Paris on 12 & 13 Oct. 2017.


Go ahead to register and propose a title for your talk

Registration is opened to the members of the doctoral college.


The doctoral school Living fluids is a coordinated training Network between the Universities of Grenoble, Bayreuth, Münster, Saarbrücken and Rabat. It deals with the physical description of living fluids. Based on established concepts developed for passive biological fluids such as blood, we develop experimental, theoretical and numerical concepts to model microswimmers and migrating cells. Both a microscopic description on the level of a single cell as well as collective effects are of interest. Examples of the projects are rheology of blood in micro-confinement, diffusion of passive tracers in suspensions of algae and bacteria. The doctoral school is funded by the German French University (DFH/UFA)


The topics of the French German Doctoral College "Living Fluids" cover

  •  Blood Microflow
  •  Active suspensions
  •  Cellular motility


The program will feature few lectures given by invited researchers of the living fluid community and will be constructed from the contributions of the participants members of the doctoral school.

Invited speakers:

  • Mathilde REYSSAT, Gulliver-ESPCI
  • Sébastien MICHELIN, Ladhyx-Ecole Polytechnique


1st of September 2017 - Title submission and registration deadline


There are no registration fees, however, registrations are primarly reserved to PhD students belonging to the doctoral college and members of the consortium. Details concerning refund for travel and hotel costs will be sent later to the particiants of the workshop.

Organizing Comittee

Salima Rafai, LIPhy, CNRS - Grenoble, France

Christian Wagner, Saarbrucken University, Germany


Practical informations

The workshop will take place in Amphi Hermite at IHP


Suggested list of hotels in the neighborhood of IHP.

The workshop is following the conference Blood Flow, physical, chemical and biological aspectsorganized on the previous days at the same place.

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